Awilda Maldonado



Soy como las olas del mar voy y vengo

“I’m like the beach waves… I come and go…”

Figures fused into chairs interpreting well known stories, life themes and emotions; heads of characters attached to symbolic body/boxes, rustic houses on stilts reminiscent of mountain country homes; are samples of the ceramic works created by Awilda Maldonado.

Maldonado was born in the Panama Canal from parents following a military career.  In 1961, the family returned to Barranquitas, Puerto Rico.  It was in those early years that, after a thirty-four year teaching career, the influences of the island’s country side and its people proved to have had a profound effect on the soul of this inspiring artist.

In 2005, Ms. Maldonado took her first ceramic workshop from well-known ceramist, Luis Ivorra, who serves as her mentor to this day. Combining glazes, oxides, and wire; her favorite works are her figures where she expresses her thoughts and feelings.  Maldonado is in “process”, in discovery and exploration of her inner-artistic life.

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